Schedule until end of January 2019

Sunday: 10:30am - 11:30am - Introductory / Beginning Meditation / Foundational Classes

Sarasota at 3840 S Osprey Ave. (Prana Yoga Studio)

This class is also streamed online on Facebook.  Please join us. Mindfulness Meditation Centers with Michael Gregory

Every Sunday morning we have a guided meditation, a Dharma talk and some Q&A. This series focuses on teachings of the Buddha and application of these teachings to our modern lifestyles. This is perfect for friends or family who may have an interest in Buddhism, mindfulness or meditating, but little experience or training. It's also a wonderful opportunity to encounter the richness of being in the present moment.

This meeting is open to students of all levels and is especially appropriate for beginners. It is taught by Michael and others in the community.

From Bee Ridge and Tamiami/41, Prana Yoga is across from the Paradise Plaza Shopping Center, (across from Publix), between the bike shops, behind the dry cleaner.

Tuesday: 7:00 - 8:30pm - Advanced Meditation / Classes

Mindfulness Meditation Centers has condensed the essence of the The School of the Elders (Theravada) and the 5 Great Books of The Great Vehicle of Buddhism (Mahayana) into a series of 18 Formal Study Courses. Michael Gregory will teach these courses in Colorado and Florida over a period of six years starting in November 2017. These online courses will allow anyone to be able to pursue a comprehensive Buddhist education wherever they are, and at their own pace and commitment level.

Class Location  -  Also available online to members of Mindfulness Meditation Centers.  

Please join us. Call 831.234.5735 for information.

Mindfulness Meditation Retreat Center

4310 61st Street E.
Palmetto, Florida 34221


Sundays Starting January 20th, 2019

NEW CLASS  -  St Petersburg MMC Sangha and Tampa MMC Sangha merging and is open to the public
10:30 am -12:00 pm
3491 Gandy Blvd N # 201 2654, Pinellas Park, FL 33781  
A Sunday gathering complete with beginner Meditation instructions for the public and current Sangha.
Classes will be part meditation and part lecture to start the beginning meditator on the path to learning how and why to meditate.  Please bring pen and paper and your cushion if you have it.  Chairs available.
Lectures to be led by various local MMC teachers and occasionally visited by Michael Gregory, Founder of MMC.
Enter building through main doors facing Gandy, take elevator or stairs to second floor, turn left off the
elevator or stairs, turn left down hallway, turn left again through doorway.  Board room is first door on the left.  Plenty of parking.  By donation only.  All donations benefit MMC.
Please call 941.416.1890 for information.